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Love handles, Stomach, Saddle bags, Bra bulge, Inner thigh bulge, Buttocks, Abdomen, Knee pads, Double chin,
Face and neck, Arms, Back, Legs, Hands and Waist.

It must not be forgotten that the effect of most procedures, although long-lasting, does fade with time. Therefore
wise to recommend maintenance treatment at the rate of approximately one session a month.
For the results gained from localized fat removal to be permanent requires the patient maintains their weight. A
regular exercise regime, including cardio and resistance training and the implementation of a healthy diet, that
places emphasis on lean protein and low G.I carbohydrates, will assist patients in maintaining results.

Surgical ProcedureNon-Invasive Procedure
Removes Fat CellsRemoves Fat from the fat Cells
Cannot Be Used Where There is CelluliteUsed Wherever There is Cellulite
Down Time = 2 weeks+No Down Time
Restrictive Garment Worn Post-Operation for
Several Weeks
Wear Loose Clothing After Treatment
Weight Gain Back in Abnormal PlacesWeight Gain Back Where it Lost
Appearance of Cellulite and Dimpling CommonCellulite Eliminated and Maintained with Diet
Significant Bruising and Pain Minimal Bruising and Pain

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