This mixture designed to increase the metabolism of fat in the area of injection, which can aid in reduction of fat deposits, mostly recommended for resistant fats ie: Bra buldge, Upper double belly, back, waist, saddle bags, ankle and inner knee.

Phosphatidylcholine and Deoxycholic Acid – lipotropic (fat emulsifier) that is derived from natural soy lecithin. In MesoTrim the PPC is combined with the deoxycholic acid (DOCA) group of Bile acid, the organic acid in bile, a crystalline acid found in bile or mostly as occurring as bile salt, it is necessary for the emulsification of fats, after they have been absorbed from the intestine, they are transported to the liver and reuse .It is purported to penetrate the adipocyte (fat cell) through the double lipid layer (cell wall) where it acts as a detergent (emulsifying and tensoactive agent). This means that fat affected by PPC turn into water soluble. The fat dissolves and is carried through the bloodstream and excreted by the kidneys and bowel.

L-Carnitine – An amino acid responsible for the transport of long chain fatty acids from the cytosol into the mitochondria, it helps drive the liberated fats into the muscle to be metabolized.

Aminophylline – A xantini basis the derivative of caffeine has a lipolytics activity, the inhibitor of phosphodiesterase and adenosine, as well as Adenosine 1 Receptor of the Membrane which sensitizes the adipocyte to the lipolytic action of catecholamines has diuretic and natriuretic effect.

Artichoke – Active principles of cynara scolymus acid substance with choleretic effect, that is, the ability to increase biliary secretion.Cynara is both a hydrocholeretic and hypocholesterolemiant and decreases lipoprotein beta/alpha quotient. It is also a diuretic and detoxicant, which leads to a greater urine expulsion.  

Pantothenic Acid– A vtamin in the body for the metabolism and synthesis of fats and induce a faster skin healing.

COMPOSITION per vial of 10ml