A treatment designed for prevention and treatment for Androgenic alopecia and hair growth stimulant. The rationale of mesotherapy is to place the desired medicine directly over the affected area

FINESTERIDE synthetic agent with androgenic activity. It is a specific steroidal competitive inhibitor of 5 alpha reductases, lowering the concentrations of dihydrotestosterone in plasma and tissue.

PYROXIDINE – is Vitamin B6, a water-soluble compound it plays a vital role as the cofactor of many essential enzymes in the human body. In hair loss treatment, Vitamin B6 potentiated the inhibitory effect of zinc. Hair growth stimulant.

D-PANTHENOL – also called vitamin B5. It is converted in the organism to the acid form. Pantethine is the bioactive form. There is energy production at the hair follicle

BIOTIN: vitamin H or B7, it is converted to carboxybiotin, acting as a cofactor in carboxylation and carboxyl radicals in the biosynthesis of fatty acids.