Dimethylaminoethanol 1500mg – L-ascorbic Acid 2g – Water for injection

MESO FIRM offers the most potent compounds to increases firmness of aging skin through MESOTHERAPY. The compounds that are used in MESOFIRMLIFT are efficacious in mitigating fine wrinkles, and in improving skin fullness and the overall appearance of aging skin.

L-ascorbic Acid – Vitamin C is a water -soluble antioxidant that clenches free radicals and regenerates vitamin E. It is an important regulator of collagen expression stimulating its synthesis. vitamin C improves and normalizes the changes caused by photo damage. Vitamin C has been used effectively to stimulate collagen repair, thus diminishing some of the effects of photo aging on skin.

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) to improve the firmness of the skin and to help reduce the visual appearance of sagging skin (cutis laxa). DMAE is a precursor to the neuron transmitter acetylcholine, DMAE is present in nerve tissue in small amounts and more abundant in fish. DMAE would act as a free radical scavenger due to the high

electron content of its nitrogen atom. In addition, DMAE is an immediate precursor to choline, which is involved in cell membrane biosynthesis.

COMPOSITION per vial of 10ml