Cellufade mixtures a treatment designed for Mesotherapy to eliminate superficial cellulite and improve skin tone and

may combine with Body Contour for flabby cellulites.

L-Carnitine – A subtances which is naturally present in the skin. It supports the conversion of fats components into

energy and to reduce superficial adiposity.

Rutin – As flavonoid, it reacts as a vascular protector.

Aminophylline – A derivative of caf feine which fights fatty deposits and cuts them into fatty acids and to reduce the

swelling of the skin.

Tretinoin acid – Stimulates cellular activity and reduces stocking capacity.

Glycolic acid – Improves skin appearance and texture.

Pentoxifylline – Microcirculation effects to helps evacuation of dissolved fats.

DMAE – Firm the tissues and smoothes the skin.