Meso contour mixtures offers the traditional compounds of Mesotherapy for a treatment of localize fats and it can be

associates during weight loss diet and exercise, it is MESOTHERAPEUTIC treatment for a successful facial and body

contouring this is a very effective mixture to reduce localize obesity for facial and body.

L-Carnitine – an amino acid responsible for the transport of long chain fatty acids from the cytosol into the mitochondria, it helps drive the liberated fats into the muscle to be metabolized.

Artichoke – Active principles of cynara scolymus acid substance with choleretic effect, that is, the ability to increase biliary secretion. Cynara is both a hydrocholeretic and hypocholesterolemiant and decreases lipoprotein beta/alpha quotient. It is also a diuretic and detoxicant, which leads to a greater urine expulsion.

Aminophylline – A xantini basis the derivative of caffeine has a lipolytics activity, the inhibitor of phosphodiesterase and adenosine, as well as Adenosine 1 Receptor of the membrane which sensitizes the adipocyte to the lipolitic action of catecholamines has diuretic and natriuretic effect

Pantothenic acid– An active form of vitamin in the body for the metabolism and synthesis of fats, it is essential in the synthesis of cholesterol, steroids (fat-soluble organic compounds) and fatty acids.

Yohimbine – An alpha2-adrenergic receptor agonist vasolidators as it has Lipolytic Action specific action of R- a 2 antilipolytics,For weight loss it increases non- adrenaline levels.


L-Carnitine 1g – Artichoke 20 mg – Aminophylline 50mg –Pantothenic Acid 500mg -Yohimbine 5mg